The Rebirth Project, a corporation dedicated to promoting environmentally responsible social design through pairing the talent within its creative network with design opportunities, has partnered with Studio Shikumi, a firm which acts as a collective of artisans continuing the long traditions of Japanese culture through their swordsmithing and which features new viewpoints regarding traditional craftsmanship as centerpoints in its business ventures. This collaboration is dubbed the ” HAMON Project”, wherein ” HAMON ” represents both the wave-like temper on a mastercraft Japanese sword, and the ripple effect this project will have on the arts world. The project seeks to bring worldwide focus to the arts, crafts, technology, and skills of traditional Japanese culture.

The project began with the June 6th, 2015 opening of a sales gallery, the “HAMON GALLERY ” (reservations preferred) in the Ginza-Tsukiji district of Tokyo featuring the works of gifted young artists as well as traditional arts. The gallery boasts a collection of handcrafted works by the craftsmen most versed in the techniques passed down through Japan’s long history, and accompanies them with both the work of young artists using their talents to pursue new modes of expression through their chosen media, and items intended for daily use which incorporate the pursuit of good design and usability characteristic of Japan. Each of these cultural expressions can be seen at once within the walls of one luxurious collection.


【Origin of HAMON’s Name】

Foremost among the collection, the Japanese swords on display feature prominent wave patterns on their cutting edges. The swordsmiths, dedicated to their vision, have produced hamon which enrapture the viewer by creating a different flash with every stroke of the blade. Likewise, all of the items on display in the gallery capture the gaze of viewers and evoke a kaleidoscope of emotions. The producers of this gallery will keep pressing forward, so that the beauty inherent in Japanese craftsmanship will propagate across boundaries and to worldwide recognition. That propagation is the HAMON Project, with beautiful waves (=HAMON) and causing ripples (=HAMON).


[Description of Business]

1. The sale of traditional Japanese crafts in foreign exhibitions and showrooms both in and out of Japan

2. Inbound sales for showrooms in Japan that include traditional Japanese craft-making experience tours

3. Marketing, exhibiting, and instructing in the traditional crafts of Japanese artists both in and out of Japan

4. Sponsoring and matching services as well as crowd-funded support for Japanese artists and their works that feature special techniques like traditional Japanese crafts

5. Direction service via the branding of works of Japanese artists as well as traditional Japanese crafts

6. Planning services for the development and improvement of occupational abilities as well as educational services for training talent

7. Various other related services